The destiny never develops the way you think it will. This way I came to the world of poodles. I lived with horses since I was a child and I always wished to have my own. I liked dogs as well but horses ment everything to me. I used to work with them, ride, race and learn kids and during the years also my destiny horse came. Beautiful hucul stallion. Our ways have came to one and have been communed!
Maybe you don't understand how a person with horse can have a poodle as well! This was again planned by a game of destiny, which luckily saved a dog and showed me a diffent world. It all began by one "by-the-way" sentence of my dad and my quick decision to help unwanted dog. Right the next day and went by car to pick up a dog, about which special care and character I had no idea. Though start was really hard, human learn by mistakes. The more I appriciate succses we made together and made it to the top - INTERCHAMPION PAGANINI AUREUS YTANER alias Nino.
Once you get lost in the magic of poodles and shows, it is like a drug, not easy to stop. And after a short time second poodle came, this time carefully choosed with a wish of show succes, Ninos son RUBENS P.P. AUREUS YTANER.
Next to showing our poodles are also into sport and their favourite activity are our common trips with horse. Both boys are very temperamental and intelligent, and they know that way to the stable also means great runs in the wood and fields, where they are not limited in their speed, as I am able to follow their speed on the horse :o)

Petra Kastlová

© 2010