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    PUPPIES WERE BORN ON 17th March 2017 - 3 boys and 4 girls

    All puppies reserved or in new home: USA, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech republic


    C.I.B. Ch. Anubis Midnight Lady Paganiniho symfonie

    height: 41cm
    patella: 0/0
    T.A.N. test: 10/10 (full points)
    DOV: clear (10.7.2015)
    prcd-PRA (Genomia): A/Clear

    Junior World Winner
    Austria champion
    Swiss champion
    France champion
    Czech Grandchampion
    Czech champion
    Czech junior champion
    Austria junior champion

    Ch. Severnaja Roza Gerard

    height: 40cm
    prcd-PRA (Labokli): B/Carrier
    patella: 0/0

    Czech champion
    Hungary junior champion
    Croatia champion
    Italy champion
    Luxembourg champion
    Slovak champion


    Severnaja Roza Gerard Severnaja Roza Unique Royal Amber Fire In My Heart Royal Amber Unikat Vorton Madari Royal Sand
    Amber Shadow
    Severnaja Roza Fantasy of White Night Carvanal S Tsvetochnoi Poljany
    Chainaya Roza iz Doma Tajur
    Severnaja Roza California Celesterling Extreme Effect Geppetto´s Captain Cafido
    Doctor Special Champs Elysees
    Severnaja Roza Fusion Style Carnaval S Tsvetochnoi Poljany
    Chainaya Roza Iz Doma Tajur
    Anubis Midnight Lady Paganiniho symfonie Paganini Aureus Ytaner Barclay Lyca Oh! Henri Lyca Ransom of Red Chief
    Simi Lyca Wild Thing
    Killala Aurea Ytaner Cherubin Aureus Ytaner
    Helimadoe Aurea Ytaner
    Isis Dreamy Lady Teschiro Edgar Allan Teschiro Sisterhood Fatboy Slim
    Amanda Teschiro
    Moonlight Shadow of Regenfield Balsons Albert
    Regenfield´s Evening Flight

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